Destination: HOAAM

Instead of looking to the stars, we’re looking to the streets.

Specifically, we’re looking to our community’s avenues, interstates, sidewalks and bike lanes — and especially our PEOPLE.

Take our Crew Assessment Quiz to learn how your talents might be put to good use as ConnectGO and its partners begin to envision a future home for all of us. 

Destination: HOAAM Crew Assessment Quiz is a pilot project of Metro Smart Cities.

Nearly everyone wants the future to happen now. We all wonder what gadgets and technology we’ll be using years from now – could anyone have predicted that we’d be walking around with computers in our pockets? Well, yes. Science fiction writers have been dreaming about future technology for decades and now it’s our turn. Metro Smart Cities has been tasked with piloting such technologies and turn far-out ideas into reality in the Omaha area. 

Destination: HOAAM is a Metro Smart Cities pilot powered by ConnectGO

ConnectGO serves as our region’s transportation strategy hub. Fueled by the Greater Omaha Chamber and boosted by area experts and partners, the ConnectGO team is driving toward a fully integrated transportation master plan for our region.

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Access to Opportunity

Talent Attraction & Retention

Economic Growth Throughout the Region

Stewardship of the Transportation System


Put People First

Ensure Equity

Be Transformative

Create Resilient Communities


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Metro Smart Cities seeks to test transportation and technology ideas by initiating pilot projects throughout the region. By testing and refining concepts, we can understand more completely what makes sense to deploy more widely, thereby putting our area on the fast track to future-ready state.

How to Get Your Assessment

Our crew consists of four mission branches, each group is equally important to reaching our destination. The 10-question quiz will identify your talents and personal preferences to suggest in which group you might do the most good. (Aggregated answers will be shared with ConnectGo’s leadership, but your assessment is anonymous.)

At the end, you’ll be awarded a Mission Badge and Crew Member profile. Share your results with family, friends and neighbors, and recruit new talented volunteers and support for Destination: HOAAM.

You’re also free to browse the branches upon completing the quiz and choose the badge you believe suits you best. It’s your choice on how you can become involved in ConnectGO’s efforts in the future.

How to Use

There are five quiz chapters, and each chapter has two questions (for 10 questions total).

Chapter Breakdown – Part 1

The first question in each chapter has two choices. Use the toggle or arrows to review each answer to the question, and then select one. Don’t think too hard about it – just go with your first instinct.

Move toggle left and right to make a choice

Chapter Breakdown – Part 2

The second question in the chapter is multiple choice, and the answer button will activate once the choice in Part 1 is selected. The answers to both questions will lead you to your Crew Member profile!

Click the NEXT button to proceed to next scenario questions

HOAAM Creative Team

For Emspace + Lovgren, a full-service community outreach, marketing and public relations agency, HOAAM is where their heart is. The creative leader on this project, Emspace + Lovgren skillfully collaborates with partners, communicates complex community issues, and inspires action through smart design and content. Plumb Web Strategy developed and coded this quiz, and is often the team of geniuses behind the scenes of your favorite websites. Ben Lueders custom illustrated the graphics, and is the founder and lead designer of Fruitful – a friendly design and strategy agency. All three firms are based in Omaha.