Destination: HOAAM

Instead of looking to the stars, we’re looking to the streets.

Specifically, we’re looking to our community’s avenues, interstates, sidewalks and bike lanes — and especially our PEOPLE.

Take our Crew Assessment Quiz to learn how your talents might be put to good use as ConnectGO and its partners begin to envision a future home for all of us. 

Destination: HOAAM Crew Assessment Quiz is a pilot project of Metro Smart Cities.

Nearly everyone wants the future to happen now. We all wonder what gadgets and technology we’ll be using years from now – could anyone have predicted that we’d be walking around with computers in our pockets? Well, yes. Science fiction writers have been dreaming about future technology for decades and now it’s our turn. Metro Smart Cities has been tasked with piloting such technologies and turn far-out ideas into reality in the Omaha area. 

Teamwork makes the mission work

there’s no place like HOAAM

This crew is ready to find answers to some of our community’s most pressing questions. How does transportation and access contribute to the idea of home? How does our infrastructure, built environment and public transit provide the framework in which we live – and how could it be better? And even more than that, how do the people who live within this structure change and improve their community using their strengths and interests?

Mission Badges

Foremost Futurist Badge Image

Foremost Futurist

Also know as: Community Commander

“Fail” is your favorite four letter word. You aren’t afraid to land wrong — you just pick yourself up and try and try again. And, you don’t need to put down roots to make an impact in your community. Volunteer at an event or donate to a cause that means something to you, and move on if you want. Any little thing you do has a ripple effect and you never know who you are inspiring along the way.


connecting ideas


expensive shoes

Virtual Virtuoso Badge Image

Virtual Virtuoso

Also known as: Ingenuity Engineer

Your problem solving skills are needed in our community — maybe you can help an organization or group bounce back from a setback or help address a chronic issue. Make sure to keep tabs on the pilot projects Metro Smart Cities is implementing — many of them have cutting edge technology elements that you’ll be especially interested in.


analyzing data
cautiously optimistic


storage tubs

Savant Scientist Badge Image

Savant Scientist

Also know as: Nuanced Naturalist

Your intuitive way of connecting with people makes people feel heard and understood. You are a natural coalition builder — continue to use your ability to improve our community, one person at a time. Be sure to break outside your zone by taking advantage of all the incredible tools, technology and transportation at our fingertips (or feet!). Take a walk downtown, ride the bus or take a spin on an electric B-Cycle bike — or convert your own bike to electric!


survival skills


vegan bakeries

Wandering Wunderkind Badge Image

Wandering Wunderkind

Also know as: Astute Astronaut

Use your way with words by striking up a conversation while waiting in line, speaking up at meetings or gatherings, or advocating for your beliefs to your legislators and politicians. Social butterflies like you make great committee members – get involved more deeply and affect real change in your community. Another way to build our community is to listen. Ask questions, and help those who are often silent find their voice.